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Indonesian PPC


This local PPC provides the greatest income for me, although PPC is a little bit in trouble with my rich Newbie blogger2, where the terms to join at least 10 000 PV / month but for bloggers. As an example of this Blog ga certainly allows for incorporation of ad. However, for large PV blog2 with PPC I highly recommend this local.

Join Conditions:

    * Website / blog has a pageview (PV) above 10.000/bulan.
    * Website / blog must be Indonesian.


First local ad network that I follow. Good income (sssssttt quite small: D), the result of a month enough for snacks a day: D. but considering there ga special requirements to join, then this might be a PPC option. Btw, update nih dah now rise, now the result of a month can make eating three days .. hi.hi.hi ...

3. (Update)

The third local advertising network that I follow. Initially quite interesting because the commissions are paid weekly. Rp.10000/minggu collect enough, earnings will be transferred. But since getting an email warning that my site is berpengunjung 1500 UV (Unique Visitor) per day is considered problematic. His case is the blog of blogs are communities that are considered less "unique" visitornya, because visitors are only itu2 every day to come and visit. PPC is a good conclusion for a site / blog that visitors always berganti2 every day, and less suitable for community blogs like this blog.

Is quite hard when want to place the code. besides there are certain syarat2 a little confusing. Also have to wait for approval. For three days my blog-ga on approve2 too. Finally I was off again. Because although we are advertising in the clicks of hundreds of times during ga Blom we approve will be paid. (Then what about the Advertiser if he remained in charge? Ga tau deh ..)

4. (update)

This ad network might be an alternative for those who can not join in the PPC no. 1 and Rule 3. There are no special requirements to join in this ad network. I myself never felt such a Advertisernya. Because when we will join a direct deposit .- Rp5000 that can be used for advertising. But as a publisher me've never tried, so can not give a review. So if anyone wants to try please. Yesterday had tried to be publishernya. Kiba suddenly ad slots already created ilang again. any ads that are clicked finished ga detected. Well finally I'm off again on his ads.

5. (update)

Just learned last week about this ad network. View the most similar to the Adsense ads with the inscription Ads by AdsenseCamp. At first I thought Ads by Adsense, it turns out there CAMP: D. Finally tried. It turned out quite well result. than two days can be tried in 2700. kliknya value of approximately decent 300/klik. I guess it could enter nih consideration.


Local PPC Interlocal language .. er speak Bahasa Indonesia. List but have not already tried. So have not able to give us a good review or ga. If anyone want to try to please. Or there are already tried and start to tell REVIEWnya?


PPC had long known this, but it used to when going ga list failed because the site can be accessed. But now it can be accessed for those who want to try it. I myself have not tried .. So please if anyone would try and merviewnya ..


It is also just found out today .. seems less familiar to me. because it has yet to find a site that put them iklam. when I list enough trouble in installing the advertising, because the given url address not only the script .. Because I was a newbie so ga tau masangnya how.

9. (update)

Here's another one but Blom PPC've tried to install a list of ads. Ga good about it? .. Keliatannya's not so complicated way install a advertisement. Blom only there same time install a space for advertising ... he.he.. understand that his blog is still a bit ..

10. (Update)

Get info from komentnya nih maskun he said there's another one that is .. ppc yes it is number ten. Sempet Blom's clay-clay, let alone tried .. maskun may want to review the PPC is it good? he.he..

That's some local PPC I know .. ga although all of them I follow. Good luck for those who want to try. And hopefully the local PPC has advanced, but do not forget that until little when I grow up.

Morning Afternoon Evening Night Can Money

Morning Afternoon Evening Night Can Money, great right? That is that you can enjoyed after ideology exactly how this money on the internet search. Obviously what I meant was money well can ya loh. You can do that eg by applying MLM business where as networks grow your business then you will enjoy the results are endless. Of course this will only happen after you build a large business network and strong.

An easier way can also be reached by running a business like Google Adsense advertising for example, while in Indonesia there are currently also advertising program with the same concept. It really is easy, provided you are really serious work on it. In fact many people do not succeed because the less diligent and less able to build their website until then generate significantly.

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Indonesian getting in top 10 cybercrime

Those who frequently surf in cyberspace, we encourage you more alert now. Because, according to Internet Security Threat Report reports that describe Symantec XV (29 / 4) and at the Hotel Grand Hyatt, Jakarta, Indonesia has now become a new comer in the rankings for 10 major countries in Asia which has a cyber crime Apific the Asia Pacific region, Japan (APJ).

It is evident from the increase in Indonesia's position from 12th in 2008, became the order of 9 in the year 2009. While for the position of number eight and 10 were occupied by Australia and the Philippines. "Overall, for the APJ region (Asia Pacific, Japan), Indonesia contributes 3% of the total regional activities of cyber crime", said Albert Lay, as the Pre-Sales Consultant, Symantec.

Not just that, for the Top Web-based attacks based on location in Asia Pacific region, Indonesia was ranked number eight, while the global to the rank 26.

For the total potential destructive virus infections and application security services, Sality.AE based on the location in the APJ region, Indonesia is in second place during the year 2009. By order of the first in India, and the third in China.

While for phishing sites targeting financial services, in 2009 Indonesia was ranked ninth and number eight for the home country of spam.

Fortunately, Indonesia is not included in the attacker country (spammers) for the Asia Pacific region. Country's most lots do consecutive attacks is the United States, Japan, China and South Korea.

According to Albert, the threat of attack will be more and more. "The rise of social networking users and lack of law enforcement cybercrime and improving broadband infrastructure in developing countries the opportunity to be the cause of the cyber threat", he said.

Albert suggests, it takes awareness of safety in using the Internet in a healthy among teenagers and most importantly, yourself to avoid cyber crime is becoming rampant. At the firm, needed more stringent protection of infrastructure and data information. If necessary, needs to make policies for some matters relating to IT.

Netbook VS iPAd, Which do you Choose?

Netbook PCs could dominate world markets because many people are attracted by high mobility. However, how is the continuation of life after the arrival iPad Netbook equally offers high mobility of this?

Netbook who have sold up to 50 million devices to date, which had been fascinated many people by offering device weighing less than 1.5 kg, compatible with Windows, and cheap. But, whether this appeal was still able to maintain the netbook market after iPad come and offer similar mobility? Compare besutan Apple netbook with a device that easy to carry, has a good capability of a smartphone, though not as powerful as a laptop.

One more thing worthy of comparison. Physical keyboard and keyboard iPad owned non-physical. Although iPad indeed also provides a physical keyboard. But the matter is sensitive enough affordable price comparison between the classified and iPad not cheap. Still, Apple might still be confident with iPad market, where there are millions of people who are willing to pay more for the Apple device.

The functional, the netbook and the iPad offers an almost similar. Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and Intel argued that the Netbook is used for Web browsing, media usage, e-mail, and simple computing activities. It sounds almost like a service that can be provided iPad, although this device does not provide fatherly support Flash, as quoted from CNet.

Another consideration, if the compatibility of Windows will continue to play an important role on the front mada Netbook? Warm enough market acceptance of Apple's OS X and its derivatives that run on iPhone and iPad indicates possible position terdepaknya Windows.

However, with the assumption that Windows and all kekompatibilitasnya are important, Microsoft's operating system is actually one of the weaknesses Netbook. Because, Netbook with low-performing processors, must be forced to run Windows a very consuming computer resources. Meanwhile, the iPad has been designed as an integral slick device intact. So, which one would you choose?

World Cyber threats continue to soar

Berderdasarkan known threat of cyber crime results of monitoring activities in the Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) XV made by Symantec Thursday (29 / 4) and presented at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta.

Monitoring conducted by security engineers, analysts, threats, and investigators from the teams located all over the world who are members of the Symantec Internet Security Technology and Response highlights the main trends of cyber crime period of January 1, 2009 until December 31, 2009 by utilizing the sensor 240 000 spread across approximately 200 countries.

If the initial goal is the pride of cyber criminals, cyber attacks are now attention has shifted to the 'underground economy'. The attackers are now targeting financial firms to do the theft of data, so they can be traded in the blackmarket.

"This is evident from the increasing cases of data theft in the financial sector, which rose to 60% from 29% in the year 2008", explained Raymond Goh, as Director of Systems Engineer Symantec APAC. "For the credit card information theft attacks, up from 19% to 32% in the year 2009", he added.

Increasing amount of malware code with the toolkit is easy to get through the undergound economy. Package price is cheap malware code, make it easier for attackers to perform data theft beginners. One of them, Zeus toolkit / Zbot that can be obtained at a price of U.S. $ 700. Signature is seen from the growth in the year 2008 which amounted to one million, the year 2009 increased to 2.9 million signatures.

Web-based attacks also continue to grow without interruption. By leveraging social engineering techniques, the attackers lure unwary users to access websites that berbahaya.Jumlah web-based attacks that target the PDF reader in the year 2009 experienced a dramatic growth reaching 49% of all web-based attacks were observed. This figure represents a huge increase from only 11% in 2008.

ISTR report also highlights the malicious activity that will continue to rise in developing countries experiencing increases in broadband infrastructure such as Brazil, India, Poland, Vietnam and Russia. Because not so hard to eradicate the criminals cyber, cyber criminals create vigorous attack.
Microsoft has released Office 2010 setup installers to MSDN and TechNet Subscriber Downloads for free download by the paid subscribers. The edition of Office 2010 released on MSDN and TechNet currently is Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus on retail channel version. Been on retail channel means that, unlike Office 2010 volume license version, users who try to install Office 2010 has to enter a product key during setup wizard to start the installation.

Office 2010 Professional Plus include the following Office 2010 applications:
  • Microsoft Word 2010
  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
  • Microsoft OneNote 2010
  • Microsoft Access 2010
  • Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2010
  • Microsoft Publisher 2010
  • Microsoft Visio Viewer
  • Common Office Tools
you can download it from